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Points of Contact and Membership



    First, let's deal with membership.  Membership in the Millbrook Village Historical Society is absolutely FREE!.  If you want to come to a meeting or come help us at the village, no one's going to ask for dues, and everybody has a great time.  Now, there is a mailing membership.  What's that?  Well, for $10 per family per year, you can get our newsletters which come out 2-4 times per year.  You'll hear about what's been happening at Millbrook, and what ideas have been cooked up for the years ahead.   With the existence of the web site, the newsletters will be posted here, but not everyone has internet access.

    Like any organization that doesn't charge dues, we're always glad for donations.  Donations to the society have made a big difference in what we've been able to do to keep the village going and growing.  For instance, the mill construction was a very cooperative effort between the National Park Service, and the society, especially in terms of funding.  NPS paid for construction of the foundation, and the society paid for the rest of the materials that were bought.  All of the timber was donated, but the standing seam steel roof was bought with funds contributed by donations to the society.  We certainly don't go door to door to get them either.  We've found that a basket at Millbrook Days seems to be very effective.



So, Who do I contact?



Points of Contact

Millbrook Village Historical Society
The Webmaster - Todd Morris,
Bob and Shirley Demarest (MVS President and Secretary) – 570-629-0456
Len Brazaitis (Tresurer) – 908-362-6887
Jim Morris (Vice President) -(570) 629-6344

National Park Service
Supervisor of visitor services: John Wright – 570-588-2435, ext. 2432
Supervisor (NJ areas of the park) : Rab Cika at the Kittatiny visitor center – 908-496-4458
NPS Millbrook Site - Sue Grove (908) 841-9531