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Friday Work


  The problem with keeping up with a full-scale village is that there are lots of ways Mother Nature can play havoc with it. The land and village are the property of the U.S. Department of the Interior, care of the National Park Service. However, you've all heard the stories of the Park Service's problems with money, and of course these days, they have other priorities which are draining the coffers. However, this hasn't stopped our friends in the Park Service from taking care of some of the buildings (I'm thinking of the Garris house which was restored very nicely a few years ago). However, little outbuildings and things have been taking a pounding for years. So, a few of our hardy volunteers, seeing the need, decided to spend some time away from their jobs and/or wives to help out and pitch in on Fridays. There's usually a crew of about 5-10 stalwarts working in the village over the past two years, and they've done some neat work. You can do so, too. Just come on out on an Friday. You can always come on most of the weekends too to help out. We always need volunteers. A picture's worth a thousand words, so I'll let them do most of the talking.... Here's the sheep shed....


  Then of course, they were busy quite a bit on the new carriage shed this summer and fall. In their other spare time, they've done things like erect a tool shed (the old one fell over) near the garden, and add a stone walkway to the newly refurbished Spangenberg cabin (pictures follow).