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Highlights from Millbrook Village Days 2000!

  The internet's a beautiful thing. Even though we can't all be in Millbrook, we can experience the fun of the village in the warmth of our own homes. We've been accumulating some pictures to share to show what goes on in the village, especially during a typical Millbrook Day weekend. Enjoy! By the way, if you wish to see a larger version of the picture, click on each picture.

John Fedish, Fred Easton, Don Martin and Tony Herrling making rope.

Sue and Wayne

Grove making applebutter

Brownie's Catering again served up tremendous chow. Can't be Millbrook without a sausage sandwich and some vegetable soup.

Candlemakers Kathy and Heather Pipher. Jacquie Bell, Grace Martin and Kristin DeMott not pictured

Steve Wenzel taking a break from building one of his tremendous chairs.

Dr. David Brody
and his traveling Dentist Demonstration.

Kathleen Sandt and Lisa Medd working with natural dyes.

The "Eating Demo" sponsored by the Stillwater Methodist church.

Steve Nauman trying to bring a bit of beauty to Bob's cluttered woodworker's shop.

Wooden fork making with Rich and Sharon Sutton and Dan and Don Brockelbank

Dave Peach - the fork inspector

Keith Brokaw and games for the kids

Bob Demarest and another goat.

Len Brazaitis and Steve Bauder hewing beams.

The Stillwater Brownie Troop at the Trauger house helping with a laundry demo.

Joe and Cathie Steffan making sourkraut.

"The Lost Art Lacers" - Nancy Carnegie, Susan Keevan and Melanie Koslowski

The Trauger house laundry with April Fisher and the Stillwater Brownie Troop with Mary Novak and Nicole Commisso

Cider making with Bill Briggs and grinders Russel Grove and Patti Sullivan

Noel Mackisoc in the grist mill

Dr. Joanne Leigner and her obstetrics history lesson


A quilting Karen Wilson

Elizabeth Kraft and an unnamed helper also quilting in the Garis house

Chris Betts and Alex Grove carving on a schnitzelbunk

Bullivant Wilson showing off his antique sewing machines

Slate splitting with Peter Martin

Ken Hubeny at the smokehouse

Vivian Morris making potato-leek soup in the Garis house

Sarah and Mary Anne Zimmer spinning wool

Jim Kyle in the wagon shop with Jack Lippincott, Brian and Paul Morris

Brian and Paul Morris working with a great wheel lathe in the wagon shop