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Highlights from Millbrook Village Days 2001!

  Back by popular demand, although a bit slow to hit the internet. We've culled the latest batch of pictures to showcase the talents of our members. Some are even action shots (at least that's what the dude handling the camera said, but it may just be blurred images). In the case of Bob Demarest's picture, I'm a bit surprised to see that his hands are around his tools and wood rather than a sausage sandwich. As I looked through the photos, a pattern emerged. Each of our volunteers was putting on their own show. So, I've assigned endearing titles for each. Enjoy! By the way, if you wish to see a larger version of the picture, click on each picture.

"The Big Cider Squeeze" starring the Briggs' family squeezers.

"Ding Dong Song at the Blacksmith Shop" with interested onlookers.

The photographer couldn't squeeze his way in to take a photo of any hammer dinging. Maybe next year.

"Coping with Chaos" with Bob Demarest. Even in a still photo, you can see the shear velocity of his tools. You'll also note that he's found the lowest spot in the building to carry out his craft (he's afraid of heights). Arnie Buza is turning his critical eye to Bob's work.

"1000 points of candlelight" with

"Card Shark" starring

"The Chair Cane Mutiny" starring

"Cooking with flame" with

"Family Dentistry 101" with Dr. Brody

"Drying Times" starring

"Flour power in the Garis kitchen" with Gail Spiers and company

"This ain't no Kmart" in the store with Cindy Bielecki and Ann Doncheski

"Cooking with Flame, Part Dieux" with

"Buggy Days" with Tom and Shawna Gable

"Cornhusking with Gas" starring Harvey Lyon

"Getting your Daily Torque" starring Paul Morris at the Gristmill

"I dye a Thousand Deaths" starring Kathleen Sandt

"Leather Weather" starring Will Bullivant

"Fast Times at Millbrook the Millbrook Schoolhouse" starring

"Llama Wool, spinning Fool" starring

"Woodstock 2001 at Millbrook Village" with Carl Varnai and his band

"Al Fresco Spinner Impressionism" by


"If I had a hammer" starring Pete Sgro

"Happiness is a warm quilt" starring

"Rope a dope" with Steve Spiers

"Cutting class" starring Mike Scorzelli and any milling acomplice

"Apple butter sit in" starring Sue, Russel and Alex Grove, and Dave and
Sandy Betts

"The Millbrook Olympics 2001" with medalist hoop spinners

"Bats in the Belfry" or "Songbirds in the Church" or "Millbrook Hymn Sing"
with Elenor Bender at the organ, Dick Plog, Shirley Demarest, and

"Forked Tongue Devils" starring Don Brockelbank

"Lots of Ox" with

"The Thin Gray Line" starring slatesplitter Cliff Zimmer

"Spinning Wheels (or My Aching Foot)" by

"Chair Raising Experience" with Steve Wenzel

"Weaving along the yellow line" at the Hill house with

"Hay wagon blues" by Bud, Cap, and their owners - Jack and Barb Hineline.

"Laundromat Monday" will never sound the same by Girl Scout troop at the Trauger House

"Spoke Shave on Bended Metal" starring wheelwright Jim Kyle at the wagon shop

"The big Hookup (or I dug rugs)" with