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Highlights from Millbrook Village Days 2002!

  Back by popular demand, although (again) a bit slow to hit the internet. We've culled the latest batch of pictures to showcase the talents of our members from Millbrook Days 2002, held during the first full weekend in October.

Applebutter snitz committee and hungry onlookers.

Arnie Buza in the recently housecleaned woodshop


Bob Demarest, woodworker in a crowd.

Danny and Patrick at the snitzelbunk

Don Broeckelbank was making hayforks.

Earl Post demonstrates the fine art of woodcarving.

George Mann using the portable forge.

Jim Morris at the millers desk in the grist mill.

Jim Morris operating the Quern mill.

Joe & Barret cutting tenons for the wagon wheel rim.

John Wright directs heavy traffic on Main Street.

Len Brazaitis hewing beams with an adz.

Mickey Doncheski supervises the corn shelling operation.

Mark Hammond - Tinsmith at work.

Mary Ann Zimmer spinning in the shade of the apple tree.

Pete Sgro at work in the blacksmith shop.

Remember, the Ox has the right of way!

Rich Haskins grinding corn meal.

Richard Ellsworth in civil war garb on authenic horse!

Ropemaking by John Fedish & Co

Scott Dutton & helper at the great wheel lathe.


Shirley Demarest is ready for a Sunday buggy ride.

Slate splitting demonstration.

Sue Reed & Vivian Morris church greeters.

The Briggs family cider operation.

The Girl Scouts and their laundry tub.

The Girl Scouts ironing.

Two hats ( Kathleen & ? ) natural dyeing wool

Wayne Grove and Chris Betts making apple butter.