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The Woodworker's Shop


  The woodworker's shop is the result of a combination of events falling into place. First of all, Millbrook's been blessed with several very competent woodworkers over the years, and during Millbrook Days, they had always worked out of doors and had to lug equipment, stock, tables, etc. to and from Millbrook. Bob Demarest, who probably spends as much time at Millbrook as he does sleeping, really wanted to have a permanent shop in the village to grow talents and have more time and space to grow them in. Fortunately, after wandering down to Wallpack one day, several people spotted a large barn that was being demolished in the Recreation area. It was a very nice barn at one time, but right next to it was a building that you'd have to characterize as a wagon shed with doors on each end and a floor above. The building was in much better condition than the barn that was being demolished, and with the aid of the National Park Service, volunteers again had the task of carefully taking down the building and erecting it at Millbrook during another stellar raising that took place in 1986.


Erection of the last of four bents of the woodworker's building during the raising in 1986. We had roughly 40 people participate in getting the structure from a floor and foundation to a finished frame (next picture) in one weekend.

The building at the end of the weekend. This is an excellent representation of the construction of the building. The first floor is used for demonstration, the second mostly for storage (I believe the printing press is also located upstairs).

A Millbrook-created king's post bridge crossing the creek behind the woodworker's shop.

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