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Past Projects



  There's always something going on at Millbrook, but the most visible changes in the past 12 years or so have been additions to the village in terms of new buildings. Beginning in 1986, a barn, a woodworker's shop, a wheelwright's shop, a grist mill, and a cider mill shed have been added to the village. These building projects have created a focus for change within the village and have enhanced our numbers of volunteers. We've had a lot of fun building, and the buildings have provided the impetus for learning new crafts and skills. There's a page devoted to each of these projects, and these pages can be accessed in the links below. If you have a picture that you feel should be included, send it to me via email ( in .jpg or .gif format if you would. For those of you that have some time free on Fridays, a bunch of our volunteers have been meeting regularly on Friday to do things like building upkeep and refurbishment. It's been wildly successful and fun too!